The Hudson


The Hudson is a boutique gated development of nine expansive and exclusive three bedroom apartments. We worked closely with the developer and contractor to ensure the property was managed efficiently from Practical Completion. All relevant warranties & operational information was collated and are available for all leaseholders.

Maintenance contracts were negotiated where required and the service charge budget was set at £1.60/sq ft which represents great value.  The property was taken over from the main contractor with very few defects, all of which have been resolved. The ongoing block management continues and as new suppliers and services have been required, we have sourced suitable contractors to carry out the maintenance work required.

An example of the collaborative approach we try to take is regarding enhancement works to the landscaping. The residents proposed a few improvements to the communal gardens which were subsequently put to a vote; when the majority of Leaseholders voted in favour of these changes, we arranged and implemented the upgrades with minimum disruption and within budget.

Katia Pires