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273-287 Regent Street
London W1B 2HA

9.00am to 6.00pm
Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays) 

020 3828 0180



If you need emergency assistance outside our normal office hours then please contact 020 8242 6435 where your call will be handled by our 24h emergency response desk.




Complaints Procedure

We always aim to deliver a professional service. Your feedback, both positive and negative, is highly valued as it helps us to better understand and meet your needs.

We welcome the opportunity to resolve any issues you may have if you feel that our level of service has not met your expectations, and our Complaints Procedure below provides guidance on taking your concerns further.


Stage One

in the first instance, try to resolve the situation with the Parallel team member you have been dealing with. As a minimum, please do ensure that this person is aware of your concern before escalating the complaint.


Stage Two

If the actions we have taken have not resolved the situation to your satisfaction, please let us know by email or letter. Your complaint will be escalated and reviewed again by a senior member of staff and we undertake to respond with the results of the review within 3 working days.


Stage Three

If you remain dissatisfied with our response, please complete the Complaint Form. Your complaint will then be reviewed by the Managing Director and you will be given the opportunity to meet and discuss your concerns with the Managing Director. Following that meeting you will receive our final response letter. We would aim to complete Stage 3 within 28 days of receipt of the original complaint, but will advise you if due to any circumstances, we are unable to meet this deadline.


Stage Four

If you feel that you would like to take your complaint further, Parallel, is a member of The PRS  and you are entitled to take your case to them for final adjudication. Alternatively, you are also entitled to take your case to the Ombudsman Services for final adjudication.